Program overview

The Economic Diversification Infrastructure program provides up to $250,000 in funding for municipalities, regional districts, First Nations and non-profit organizations in Northern Development’s service area for projects that significantly strengthen the local economy via a major capital investment.

The program specifically targets funding for public multi-use facilities or capital investments that drive revenue and job creation and provide a long-term asset for the community.

Municipalities, regional districts, First Nations bands and registered non-profit organizations are eligible to apply to the program via Northern Development’s four regional development accounts.


Features and benefits of the program


  • The program supports the diversification of local and regional economies through investment in major facilities that create a lasting asset for a community.
  • The program also provides funding for public facilities and capital investments that directly creates new jobs and increases revenue in central and northern British Columbia.
  • The program is geared toward municipalities, regional districts, First Nations bands and registered non-profit organizations across central and northern British Columbia, particularly those located in small communities and rural areas.
  • Northern Development provides timely response to funding applications and rebate claims for communities and non-profits that wish to access funding through the program.


To learn more and to apply, head over to Northern Development Initiatives page by clicking here. 

 November 03, 2015
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