We are all here to learn about how to grow our venture to reach its pinnacle of success. We're here to take wisdom from the entrepreneurs that have walked these paths before us, who are willing to share some insight for us to have greater success in our journey. 

Mohinish Nirwal of www.BoostBliss.com shares some of his wisdom in 7 Things To Remember If You Dream To Have Your Own Business.

  1. Interact and validate your business idea - This means do your market research. Go talk to potential clients and customers. Get their feedback. Will they actually want your product or service? Find out! 
  2. Start taking baby steps towards what you want - You don't have to buy the entire warehouse and all the equipment you think you might need, employ hundreds of people with the possibility of expansion, etc. Start small. Find that organic growth model. 
  3. Winners are students throughout life - Never stop learning. ICS is here to help! 
  4. Take a course in communication and marketing - In our age of communication, everybody is a marketer and communicating to potential clients. Learn how to do this effectively. 
  5. Do not become cocky at your new business - Cockyness can only get you so far, money talks in business, find those sales. 
  6. Maintain savings for at least two years before you leave your job - Businesses cost money to run, your financial projections will tell you how long you expect it to take before your company will start turning a profit. Two years is a great safety net and probation period to see if your venture will catch on. Use this to also evaluate the success of your venture to see if it matches your expectations. Is it doing better then you expected? Great! Evaluate why. Is it doing much worse? Evaluate why.
  7. Take your business as a part time hobby first - Test the waters. Take your time. Measure twice and cut once. 

To read the full in-depth article, find it on addicted2success.com. 

 August 14, 2015
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