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Great ideas don’t always lead to great businesses.

Innovators and creators are amazing people. Your ideas, ingenuity, drive and passion can lead to revolutionary products and processes. But you may not be able to do it alone.

ICS understands the unique needs and challenges of technology start-ups, innovative companies, inventors, creators and makers. From earliest idea conception, to market validation, through to leveraging existing sales for exponential growth, we have access to targeted skills and resources to assist you in turning your great idea into a successful business.


Mentoring & Coaching | Innovation Central Society

One way we can assist is through our new One-on-One Coaching program. ICS can connect you with an experienced mentor from among our provincial network of successful entrepreneurs and advisors who have been there and done that.  

Do you need a financial plan to ensure you can afford to develop your product and get it to market?

Do you require advice on how to build out your team?

Do you have doubts about how to turn your prototype into a mass-produced product?

Do you need assistance planning for growth and scaling your sales and operations?

Whatever your particular business need, we can help connect you with an experienced mentor who can coach you to overcome your challenge. All you have to do is .  

Once you contact us and we have a discussion about what your specific needs are, ICS will:

  • secure the participation of your mentor,
  • ensure there is a mutually agreed-upon workplan and set of deliverables, and
  • provide funding to purchase a certain amount of their time and expertise for the benefit of your business.

Please note that all information and discussions are completely confidential. You retain complete ownership of the intellectual property, and a Non-Disclosure Agreement is signed upon engagement. 


Become a Mentee | Innovation Central Society

Let us help you turn your great idea into a great business.

at ICS to schedule an initial meeting, at:


This program has been made possible by the generous funding from the National Research Council/IRAP,