Have a technological idea? Looking to get the knowledge and support to guide your business to success?

Let Innovation Central Society help you take your business from paper napkins to commercialization.

ICS serves North Central BC technological ventures with resources and professional expertise to develop innovative ideas into successful business ventures.

Using targeted programs and services, ICS helps entrepreneurs drive their innovation to commercialization cycle in a structured manner by adding value at each stage.

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BCIC Venture Acceleration Program 

The Venture Acceleration Program is a paid structured venture growth program designed to guide, coach and grow ambitious early‐stage technology entrepreneurs and effectively grow their technology ventures. The Venture Acceleration Program helps entrepreneurs accelerate the process of defining a proven business model based on a set methodology and set of best practices for growing technology companies.

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BCIC Mentorship Program 

The BCIC Mentor Program is a province-wide initiative that improves the success of technology entrepreneurs by delivering expert guidance and timely support in developing their ventures. The focus is on the entrepreneurs rather than their ventures. Mentors work with entrepreneurs enrolled in BCIC's Venture Acceleration Program (VAP).

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Innovator Skills Initiative Grant

The Innovator Skills Initiative grant delivers skills, training and practical experience to post-secondary students across the province. This initiative focuses on the person or innovator, engaging them in a work experience opportunity to develop hands-on business skills and technical training while exploring career opportunities in BC. Students gain practical industry experience and the opportunity to showcase their skills and talent to potential employers.

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New Ventures BC Competition 

Each year, more than 150 B.C. business leaders—entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, angel investors, academics and professionals—donate their time and expertise as mentors and judges.

To date, more than 1,400 aspiring B.C. entrepreneurs have entered the competition, with 36 winning major prize packages. Most winners have continued on to form viable companies, raising more than $100 million in financing and creating more than 600 jobs for British Columbians.

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