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Innovation Central Society is proud to deliver small and medium sized enterprises with resources and professional expertise to develop innovative ideas into successful business ventures throughout the North Central BC. 

In doing so, we are always excited when our efforts have helped members of our community.

Below are testimonials from clients we've served.

Testimonials | Innovation Central Society

"I wanted to state that I am very pleased with the enthusiasm and effort you put into your job. Not often do we in the private sector see such outstanding initiative from Government Funded agencies. Well done and my best wishes to you in the future. I look forward to your continued input."
~ Tim C. Van Horlick, Tim C. Van Horlick Forestry Inc., Quesnel, BC

"With the help of ICS, I have covered significant ground over the last 16 months on the road to being investor-ready with my innovation. ICS has been provided very capable mentors and coaches, motivating me and keeping me in touch with my vision of a market-ready innovation with time as well as workshops which have taught me the things I need to know in order to turn vision into reality. In addition, with the help of ICS, I have met the people who have access to grants to enable prototype improvements which are key to any future progress we make. In addition, ICS has provided multiple opportunities to meet Angel Investors and to understand their requirements for investment in my innovation."

~ Jim Alexander, Creative Office Fitness Solutions Inc., Prince George, BC

"Voyd Social Inc. would like to acknowledge the services we have been receiving from Innovation Central Society since the beginning of August 2013.

In this short time frame, we have been exposed to various business startup programs such as IdeaBoost, CYBF (Canadian Youth Business Foundation) and Innovation Hub. It’s because of your continuing support that Voyd has been able to progress exponentially.

We shall continue to do our very best to adhere to your advice; a growing company such as ours will only be able to succeed to its heights with professional guidance and support from mentoring experts like Innovation Central Society. We hope to continue working hand in hand with ICS and be a testimony of your success.

Thank you so much."

~ Calvin Kabanda, Voyd Social Inc., Prince George, BC 

"The workshops and resources of ICS, as well as the mentoring, have been invaluable in the development of my new business. ICS has kept me focused, and mentoring has allowed me to bridge the gap between my university research and the real world.

ICS has put together amazing workshops that force me to ask (and answer) the hard questions, pushing me to move ahead with my plan. ICS has connected me with funding opportunities, business resources, business connections. ICS also supports networking events like MakerLab 2RG and StartUpPG, making it easier to maintain those contacts and to make more."

~ Kim Scofield, Prince George, BC

"Business2Mobile […] has seen first hand the benefits of working closely with an EiR [Executive in Residence]. We have gone through several stages of communication training as well as business planning that have provided us with better internal common language as well being able to clearly state what business problems we can solve for potential customers.

[…] Within our community […] contact with a group of individuals who can connect a growing company with the right professional services, potential mentors, partners and customers [is critical]."

~ John Kason, Business2Mobile, Prince George, BC

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