Innovation Central Society (ICS) is proud to announce the opening of the HUBSPACE, located at 1299 Third Ave (on the corner of Quebec St.).

What is the HUBSPACE?

The HUBSPACE is 5500 sq. ft. of open space concept style that will house everything from freelancers, independent contractors, solopreneurs and multi-staffed start-ups. There will be events and community gatherings as well as services available for early stage companies, non-profits, community groups, and social enterprises. The goal of the HUBSPACE is to build an innovative, creative, and entrepreneurial community in Prince George.

“Experience has proven that collaborative hub spaces work very differently than traditional office spaces,” says board chair, Sean Simmons. “The HUBSPACE is designed to facilitate the growth of technology, innovation, and entrepreneurial ecosystems. From the way it is designed, to the events we are going to host, it is all intended to increase collaboration opportunities, and vibrant working environment that innovators thrive on.”

This space was inspired by the coworking movement and social and technology accelerators globally. Although there are many successful models to follow, there is no cookie cutter design for Prince George. “This has to be a place the community sees value in and helps to build. People support what they have a hand in building,” says Shauna Harper, Interim Executive Director of ICS.

And the support came in the form of volunteers this past week. Last Saturday morning, people from the Startup PG community came out and volunteered their time and energy to help get the HUBSPACE ready for launch. Whether they were building furniture, painting, hanging banners, mopping floors, cleaning windows or laying down artificial grass, these individuals showed their PG community spirit as they fueled the “do-it-together” movement.

The space is launching on Friday, Jan 15th, but it is still too early for their Grand Opening. “We are celebrating the launch, but we are still far from where we hope it to be,” Harper says. “Over the next year, we are in ‘beta mode’ as we find out what the community wants, but also find organizations, individuals and partners who believe place and culture matters when growing a community of innovators and changemakers.”


The space is still in search of their “Founders 50” who will invest in this space and champion/connect HUBSPACE to their networks. “Our first Founder and Title Sponsor was Integris Credit Union,” say Harper. “Integris didn’t even skip a beat when asked if they would be interested in coming on board.”

Harper will announce other Founders and partners during the Launch Party.

Media, community members, entrepreneurs and stakeholders are invited to join ICS for the launch day celebrations. Launch Party is Friday, January 15th, 2016, from 11am -1pm at 1299 Third Ave.  


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Media Contact:

  • Shauna Harper
  • Interim Executive Director, Innovation Central Society
  • Cell: 250-960-0198
  • Email: [email protected]


About Innovation Central Society

Innovation Central Society is a non-profit organization that serves the North Central region of British Columbia, and is a BCIC Acceleration Network partner. They proudly operate with support from British Columbia Innovation Council (BCIC), National Research Council (NRC-IRAP), Northern Development Initiative Trust (NDIT). Their focus is to help startups and developing entrepreneurs accelerate technology commercialization by connecting to networks, advisors & resources.


About Startup PG

Startup PG is a grassroots driven movement in Prince George dedicated to creating more entrepreneurs and innovators in Northern, BC. They are not an organization, nonprofit or business, but a group of volunteers that partner with organizations to lead a number of events throughout the year that bring together entrepreneurs, developers, designers, creators, artists and changemakers.