BC Innovation Council has been interviewing BC companies to see how they’re innovating and implementing new technology. We wanted to share some of the local Prince George superstars that were featured.

Episode One featured the Canfor Sawmill and their tech advocate James Spankie.

From the Article:

“All hail the renewable resource that just keeps on giving!

“Get this guys—clean energy exists right here in British Columbia’s backyard. We’re talking, green energy from TREES. Not in the way that it just helps you breathe better, they’re used in ways that you couldn’t even imagine.

“We’re here today with Canfor, one of the world’s largest sawmill manufacturers in the world and one of the only paper mills in Canada. Joining us today is Director of Biofuel Development, James Spankie who has been with Canfor for a good 18 years and speaks to the history and evolution of forest products.

“‘Trees themselves are really just batteries, they’re carbon batteries or energy batteries in a lot ways. They absorb carbon from the atmosphere and they absorb energy from the sun’ says James.

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